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There are two main areas where Moldavites can be found. These areas are called strew fields.
Moldavite Streufeld

The Bohemian and the Moravian Strewfield.
There is not only a geographical difference between the two strewfields. The Moldavites from the different areas also show a difference in the chemical composition.
In North Bohemia and in Lusatia (Germany) there are more Moldavite locations. They are geologically transported Moldavites from the main strewfields. Near Radessen in Austria there were als some finds which are too few to say more. Maybe transported by humans.

South Bohemia, Czech republik

  Digging for Moldavites is illegal in the Czech Republik!  

Moldavites are mainly found in gravel pits and as so called field finds on farming areas. Down to 12m the Moldavite bearing layers can occur. They are sandy, gravel, riversediments. It is super easy for a beginner to find nothing for days even on the right spot. Growing periods of the farmland should be respected! So not in the summertimes.  

Illegal digging in South Bohemia:
dangerous, ugly and illegal!

   Digging for Moldavites is not tolerated in Czech Rep. . That is very understandable when you see the damages in the nature caused by the diggers.
Most of the holes aren`t filled up after digging so they stay filled with groundwater. That is dangerous for the wildlife and people. Sometimes it liturally destroys parts of the forest when the holes get to many. Now most of the places are abandoned or regulary "visited" by the local Police.

At this point I want explicitly advise against this kind of Moldavite collecting!

©  Megalith, Th. Dehner