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Dipl. Geol. Thomas Dehner    
Scheffelstr. 3    
78073 Bad Dürrheim    
Maulwurf Tours
'99 South Moravia, C.R.

I got my very first Moldavite 1993. Not only the beautiful shapes and color but also the fascinating story of it`s origin caught me.
Latest 1998 when I found my first Moldavite with my own hands in Chlum, South Bohemia, I was completely infected with the "green fever"! Through countless trips to the Czech Republik I fell in love with the place. The close contact to the local diggers is the base of my todays business.


Luckyly I was able to choose Moldavite as my subject for my Diploma in Geology at the University of Tübingen. I was able to explore this fascinating Stone with high end Instuments.
In the year 2000 I founded my company Megalith, specialised on Moldavites and Tektites. In the beautiful Indian capital of Gemstone Indistrie Jaipur I found amasingly skilled hands for stonecutting Silver- and Goldsmithing. All at one place I am able to check and control all steps of my Jewellery production. Only carefully chosen artists are employed to handle my Moldavite.

2009 my German Book "Moldavit" was published.
Then wothless imitations flooded the market. These fakes from China soon got better. Also plenty of careless dealers were cheated. With the expanding of uncertainty in the market there was also a grow of a need of experts.
Now Megalith exports Moldavites and Moldavite Jewellery all over the globe.
I check and select each and every piece of Moldavite by myself. Even the smallest bit.
Thats some thousand pieces per year.
So there is never any autentitcity doubt about Moldavites from Megalith.
I wish everybody loads of joy with these rare, green, magic stones!

©  Megalith, Th. Dehner