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Fake Moldavites 

More and more fake Moldavites occur on the international Markets. Specially in online platforms all kinds of fake Moldavite products are offered. It is relatively simple to copy Moldavites because it`s a glass. Sometimes Moldavite colored Perdot beads are sold as real Moldavite. Also quite common is a facetted imitation. It´s apple green and perfectly clear. Sometimes called "African Moldavite". Even the Name is absurd.
And be careful with "Gemological Certificates" from Asia. They are not used to analyse glass. Most of the Moldavites with these laminated "Certificates" are fake!

If you have suspicious Material send me an email with a pic. and I will have a free look.


They like bracelets in China. So they make almost perfect round spheres made of wothless manmade glass.

Moldavit Fälschung aus China

Most of the rough fakes come from China. The early tries can easyly detected under schort wave UV-light (they glow). Not any more and they get better.

But never as good as Nature!

Since 2006 Chinese fake Moldavites are flooding the markets. There are different shades of green and plenty of shapes available.

The two fakes on the right are sold in an online auction.

Moldavit Fälschungen aus China

Moldavit Fälschung

Easy to see the difference on these glossy fakes. Often sold as pendants.

Moldavit Fälschung rot

Absurd red "Moldavite" ring offered in an online shop.

Obviously fake Moldavite with official Certificate of the Gemological institut of Gujarat, India. Certificates like this are also known from Honkong, Bankok or other places in Asia. These Certificates enshure no seriosity or authenticity of the offered Material.

Moldavit FälschungenMoldavit FälschungenMoldavit Fälschungen

"African Moldavite"
This very pretty apple green stuff is mainly offered as facetted stones on the American Market. I have also seen blue ones from Africa. Of corse they are manmade Glasses.

©  Megalith, Th. Dehner