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Na zelené vlně - On the green wave

A Czech art project around Milan Prchals 60th anniversary as a Moldavite enthusiast. Robert Jelinek and Admir Mešić wrote a book with plenty of rare insider informations from one of the first Moldavite pioniers. This book was printed with limited edition of 300 Czech and English copies. It was only possible to purchase with a donation of a Moldavite. The auctions of these Moldavites finance the project. The result will be the first statue for Moldavite collectors.

It will be uncovered in the Museum in Tyn nad Vltavou approx. May 2022.


The 14 nicest, donated Moldavites will be shown on the statue. I am very proud that "my" Moldavite made it in the top 14. I really like this wonderful project and I am very happy to be part of it!

More detailles on the Facebook page: On The Green Wave
©  Megalith, Th. Dehner